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Chateau Grief 1

Quote: The best is the enemy of the good- Voltaire

Grant: Were you planning on telling me that there are innocent people out in this storm?

Grant: Dying horribly in a shipwreck?

Grant: Wrong answer Eugene. Get in the car.

Xander: Fine.

Narration(Xander): Funny how a moment of weakness can destroy your world.

Author Notes:

Here we go! Up up and away! Back in the game! Hold on to your hats and prepare for 125 days of madness and mania. 

UPDATED yet again.  Added some new frames 'cause I thought the sequencing wasn't great.  So that's why you get modern Xander sitting there being dynamic in the middle of my 2015 art self who was so scared to even try to draw all these frames per week.  How far we've both come, Xander and I!  I'm sure this won't be the last update. Howdya like that hallway? got lots more where that came from.  

UPDATED to Vertical format.   Still trying to get the fonts looking right. ...learning curve, etc....